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Professional Trainings & Events

One of the greatest resources for a young child is the early childhood professional. Discover information that can help child care professionals at all levels understand available career paths, develop increased skills and knowledge, and improve quality of care.

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CPSC’s Crib Standard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has posted a new document regarding CPSC’s Crib Standard that takes effect on December 28, 2012 for child care providers, hotel/motels and places of public accommodation. The  Enforcement Guidance for Child Care Providers document is posted on CPSC’s Crib Information Center  at:

American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Safe Sleep Recommendations

Approximately 3,500 infants die annually in the United States from sleep-related infant deaths, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). New guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics is designed to help reduce those numbers. They recommend supine positioning, the use of a firm sleep surface, room-sharing without bed-sharing, and the avoidance of soft bedding and overheating. Additional recommendations for SIDS reduction include breastfeeding, avoid-ance of exposure to smoke, alcohol, and illicit drugs, routine immunization, and the use of a pacifier. The recommend-ations and strength of evidence for each recommendation are included in this policy statement.

The following links will help guide professionals in the early childhood field.

Arapahoe Community College

Qualistar – An online resource for policymakers, advocates and organizations promoting early childhood education and development. (Note: There are several short but very good video clips on this website).

EPIC (Executives Partnering to Invest in Children) TOOLKIT FOR EMPLOYERS

This toolkit provides the business sector with the resources and knowledge needed to be part of the solution to enhance Colorado’s early childhood environment.

Download (PDF) SYSTEMS EVALUATION TOOLKIT an overview of specific strategies for collection systems data

Healthy Child Care America

To help child care providers and child care health consultants successfully implement the Caring for Our Children standards, Healthy Child Care America focuses on one standard per month. With a team of experienced pediatricians, child care health consultants, child care directors, and family child care providers, they collect stories, ideas and strategies that support “The Standard of the Month.”